Brian DePalma gets no appreciation?

“You sound like one of those conspiracy nuts; plots all around you.”—Det. Jim McLean, Body Double

Brian De Palma’s thrillers depend on two kinds of conspiracies. There’s the kind that emboldens the individual and destroys his or her sense of self. And there’s the kind that seeks to bury him or her alive. “De Palma Suspense,” BAMcinemathek’s 13-day series, showcases the struggle between both kinds of intricate plots.

De Palma’s central preoccupations are best illustrated by Body Double, one of his most divisive films, and the one whose mixed critical reception prompt him to spend the next eight years (1984-1992) working in other genres, until he made Raising Cain. (Spoilers, if you haven’t seen these movies, throughout the rest of the article.)


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