BrevityTV Introduces LeanIn’s Social Video Features in ‘Lesbian Alien Sexbot’

Los Angeles, CA - BrevityTV ( is proud to announce a new partnership with that will feature Brevity's sketch comedy webisodes loaded with social features, enabling viewers to share the comedy episodes with extra social and interactive features.

Now in its fourth season of sketch comedy, Leanin's online video player will provide custom branding for brevityTV's online videos along with a seamless social experience. The technology will be introduced on the September 5th episode, "Lesbian Alien Sexbot", and subsequently rolled out into the previous seasons this fall. Among its most touted features is the ability to create 'notches' where viewers can 'like' a moment or scene within a sketch video. Viewers can also comment on the scene and share it via email, Twitter and Facebook.

"I'm personally really excited about the and LeanIn partnership.  I know I'm looking forward to being able to share all the hilarious and immature scenes that brevityTV produces with all of my Friends on Twitter and Facebook.  It will also be a lot of fun to see how my friends react at various segments of the shows.  LeanIn works best on content that is engaging and content that inspires conversation, so we're expecting great results on", says Luke Davies, President of Leanin.

BrevityTV's collection of comedy sketches seems to be a perfect fit for its growing popularity among online viewers. Executive Producer Deron Sedy says, ""The thing we care most about at is getting our quirky wit in front of gajillions of people, so as to cause more laughter, and thereby bring about world peace.  We're glad to team up with because their social sharing features should bring that world peace one step closer."

As brevityTV heads into its new season of comedy sketches this fall, the social experience of promoting and interacting with the new episodes is propelling its growth in the internet universe.

About BrevityTV

BrevityTV ( is a production company offering comedic commercials, industrials, and viral campaigns.  They also publish sketch comedy at, and keep Martians from invading Earth.  BrevityTV is proud to have kept the Earth Martian-free since 2007.

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