Breaking into Hollywood – Tales from a film festival

I was completely disillusioned. I knew that Hollywood was infamous for its sexism; I just didn’t expect it to happen to me at a film festival in Austin, Texas. From that moment on I saw everything from a new perspective. I watched the male students in our group network with Hollywood execs while the girls stood like minnows in a room full of sharks. I felt 21 years of desire to work in the film industry crashing down around me.

Reflecting on my experience at the festival, I still feel anger. After talking with other girls in the group of students who attended, I found out I was not the only one who experienced harassment or sexism from men. Part of me is angry with myself. Had I been that naive about the “real world?” Part of me is angry with women who aren’t afraid to take whatever measures necessary to gain success. But the biggest part of me is angry with the men who are ruining the magic of film with their selfish, perverted desires. Obviously, any industry is going to have its element of people with bad intentions, but I find myself now completely unsure whether I am fit to enter an industry where “sleeping your way to success” is so incredibly rampant.


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