Blu-Ray the next video sensation?

Are you, the consumer, ready to make Blu Ray the next home video sensation that it's itching to be? With the DVD business suffering a major slump in sales, something needs to kick in for the studios.

The producers are pinning their hopes on Blu-ray for a simple reason: the DVD business, which accounts for most of their revenue, is in the doldrums, and a new format might spur a worldwide shopping spree for the latest application of a cool gimmick--like for PlayStation 3 or Wii, only more so. Yeah, but money's tight these days. Consumers want to know if they have to buy a Blu-ray or whether it's just an incremental improvement that will soon be rendered obsolete when high-quality movie downloads from the Internet become available.

The question is how long will Blu Ray have before it peaks and movie downloads begin to steal its tuinder?


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