Blood Thirst


The posters for "Rambo" that have been proliferating like kudzu across the urban landscape feature a blurry black-and-white rendering of our hero's iconic mug. It's a pop abstraction -- part Che Guevara, part Jesus, part FBI's "Ten Most Wanted" list. The posters are telling us: He's back and, boy, do we ever need him.

This Rambo Redux makes sense in a post-9/11 world where nobody in Hollywood seems willing to invent new-style heroes to match up with new-style villains. The Iraq-themed movies, in particular, have been conspicuously, even necessarily, anti-heroic. Enter John J. Rambo. Officially, he is not fighting Al Qaeda -- he's embroiled upriver in the Burmese civil war rescuing medical missionaries. But we all know who the Burmese are standing in for. (By the way, did nobody tell the filmmakers that Burma is now called Myanmar -- or is "Myanmar" too much of a mouthful for Rambo?)

(Source: LA Times)

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