‘Black Dynamite’ inspired by ’70s low-budget action

"Black Dynamite," the blaxploitation spoof now arriving in theaters, has a few mistakes in it — and the filmmakers left them in, on purpose.


"We had that type of movie," said star and co-writer Michael Jai White, laughing. For example, watch closely during the shootout outside Roscoe's Chili and Donuts. "You notice the guy (driving) stops the car and starts to shoot, and the car starts rolling again because he didn't put it fully in park, so he quickly applied the parking brake and went back to shooting."

And then there's the visible boom mikes, and the guy who recites the stage directions along with his lines ... all part of the authenticity, said White, in an interview at the Seattle International Film Festival last summer. "Sometimes in blaxploitation movies, you only had one take, maybe two. If there was a mistake, you had to roll with it."

Inspired by the '70s movement of low-budget action films starring black actors and aimed at urban black audiences, the film is the tale of ultra badass Black Dynamite (yes, that's his name, and he's got theme music too), defender of smack-addicted orphans, romancer of women and avenger of his murdered brother.


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