Bill Condon On Directing Upcoming “Twilight” Movies

Spoiler! Fans hoping to see Edward and Bella break into song and dance in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" are going to be disappointed.

"There won't be any musical numbers," newly named director Bill Condon, whose last film was the Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson-starring "Dreamgirls," said of the upcoming fourth "Twilight Saga" film in a note posted on Facebook.

Like previous directors Chris Weitz and David Slade, the director introduced himself to "Twilight" diehards with an online letter, reassuring them that he's "bringing myself up to speed" on the beloved vampire series.

"I've read BREAKING DAWN twice, rewatched Catherine's and Chris's movies 2-3 times each, have all four CDs playing in my car, and have Catherine's notebook, Mark Cotta Vaz's companion books, and even Volume 1 of the graphic novel here on my desk," he wrote. "A corner of my office is starting to look like Hot Topic."


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