‘BIG WEDNESDAY’: Cult surf movie turns 30, a talk with co-creator Denny Aaberg

With its Tijuana barroom brawls, house-party fights and beach punching scenes, "Big Wednesday," the cult surf film that turns 30 this year, did a 180 from its "Beach Blanket" predecessors. And it had some killer shortboard footage of the "Sultan of Spit" Gerry Lopez, too.

But the tale of three surf pals growing up around the Vietnam era hit the lip of critical acceptance hard -- its co-screenwriter, Denny Aaberg (below), says it killed his Hollywood prospects. (The director and other screenwriter, John Milius, went onto success directing "Conan the Barbarian" and writing screenplays for "Apocalypse Now" and "Dirty Harry.")

But the cult film, screening Thursday, June 26 as part of the UCSD Cancer Center Research Luau and Longboard Invitational, has a growing fanbase (Tarantino mentions "Big Wednesday" in his recent "Death Proof"). Street talks with Aaberg about the film's resurgence, surfers in war time and stars Gary Busey, William Katt and Jan-Michael Vincent.

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