Best Way to Sell a Movie: Pretend Like It’s Dirty


Kevin Smith must be the most genius marketer on earth. His new $25 million movie got a 700-word story in theWall Street Journal on Thursday, the day before its release. It was probably the most effective advertising a guy could ask for, especially since it was free.

The WSJ story suggests that Smith's new movie, "Zack and Miri Make A Porno" is too hot for most media outlets to touch. Fox refused to run a 30-second spot for the movie, according to the report; the MPAA banned a promotional poster for being too risqué and  15 newspapers and several television stations and cable channels refused to run commercials that used the word "porno."

But this is probably part of Smith's grand plan to promote the bejesus out of a movie that was pretty pricey to make. Smith also claimed that the MPAA forced him to take down a video promo online because it failed the ratings test. "I guess since the teaser was so, shall we say, racy… a rating was in order," Smith wrote. The announcement outraged geek movie bloggers who rushed to Smith's defense, and got the movie a whole lot of free publicity.



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