Being an extra on ‘Transformers 3’

John Bauerlein is sworn to secrecy.
As an extra in "Transformers 3," which is filming in and around Chicago through August, he can't reveal exactly what he's been doing on the movie shoot this week because he has signed a confidentiality agreement.
A fan of "Transformers" since he was a kid, Bauerlein, 35, decided to check out the blockbuster's casting call  last month and waited in line for four hours.
"I didn't know what to expect, but I thought maybe they might ask me to do something like pretend I'm running away from a 100-foot robot," Bauerlein, of Lakeview, told RedEye before he was cast. Nope, he simply filled out a profile questionnaire, had his picture taken and was finished in 10 minutes, he said. He had given up on being part of filming until he got a call back last weekend. He since has spent a few days on set.

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