BEHIND THE SCENES TV: The Shield – New Season 6 Preview

 Michael Chiklis stars as Detective Vic Mackey in The Shield.FX/Prashant Gupta - Tuesday, March, 20, 2007, 7:20 PM

The Shield is the best cop show on TV at the moment. Period. No other cop show comes close to it in terms of its raw authentic treatment of the setting and characters. It follows an inner-city LA strike team led by a conflicted Vic Mackey (played by Michael Chiklis). The group forms a close bubble of secrecy as they engage in corrupt practices that lead them into a spiderweb of life-and-death situations. Mackey somehow manages to always find a resolution to their dire dilemma (not always pretty) and ensure the strike group’s autonomy to operate unchecked. But things came to a tragic end last season (Season 5) when one of the members of the strike force, Shane (played to wiry, hotheaded perfection by Walton Goggins) kills another member, Lem (Kenneth Johnson).

Mackey is back this season,  presumably on a rampage to find Lem’s killer when the man he’s looking for happens to be in his own team. Adding to the powder keg dilemma is the return of Lt Kavanaugh, the volatile man on a personal mission to destroy Mackey. Kavanaugh is played by Forest Whitaker who is fresh off winning a Best Actor Oscar for The Last King of Scotland. He lives up to the statuette in this small screen performance. If anybody watched the last season of The Shield, they would know his Kavanaugh was one seething, frothing, obssessive sonofabitch. He should have won an Emmy last year. He could this year if he brings the same bravado to that character. From the first season, The Shield feels real, shooting mostly on location in the streets of Los Angeles and it’s the LA most people don’t see - the barrios and graffiti-laden strip malls near downtown. 

The Shield is so good that David Mamet directed an episode and loved the experience so much he and series showrunner Shawn Ryan created another solid show called The Unit. The new season of The Shield premieres April 3 on FX Network.

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