Behind the scenes of Tony Scott’s ‘Unstoppable’ runaway train

Go behind the scenes of director Tony Scott's new movie 'Unstoppable'. Considered a no-holds-barred kind of fillmaker, he is known for his hyperkinetic style of filmmaking with destarurated colors and fast cuts. A story about a runaway train on a collision course with up to two men to stop it, one being Denzel Washington.

When it comes to old-fashioned CGI-free special effects, no one does it better than Tony Scott. Which begs the question, how does he do it? Thankfully, Twentieth Century Fox has given Little Gold Men this exclusive video about the making of the most impressive sequences in the film—where a conductor tries to slow down the runaway freight-train by pushing it in the opposite direction with another engine, only to get derailed and go up in flames. After you watch it, read on because we talked to two of Tony’s partners-in-train-wreckage, line producer Eric McLeod and editor Chris Lebenzon, to find out how you construct a pitch-perfect train wreck.


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