Bea Arthur Dies at 86 with Legacy of TV Stardom, Controversy

Bea Arthur went from being one of the most controversial figures on TV, to one of America's most beloved old TV ladies, in the mere span of a decade. That and more was remembered after Bea Arthur was pronounced dead yesterday, at the age of 86. Arthur spent more than six decades at work acting, mostly on the stage when she first started out. But it is the 70's, 80's and parts of the 90's where people remember Bea Arthur the most.

When Arthur was in her 50's, she got her big break on All In The Family as a guest star. As if Rob Reiner's "Meathead" wasn't enough of a political foe for Archie Bunker, he also had to contend with Maude. But CBS loved Maude enough that they mercifully got her away from Archie, and into her own show.


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