Bauer power: ‘24’ movie prequel freshens show


After a one-year hiatus that featured a writer's strike and Kiefer Sutherland's real-life trip to jail, "24" is poised to return for a seventh season of Sutherland's Jack Bauer fighting for freedom in his own cringe-inducing way. The episodes start in January, as usual, but this year the producers are offering an extra helping of Bauer power: a two-hour movie prequel that airs Nov. 23 on Fox.

While it's a safe bet that the season will feature another day of Bauer trying to save the United States from both external threats and shady domestic officials, he spends the two hours depicted in "24: Redemption" in Africa.

Instead of worrying about terrorists with weapons of mass destruction attacking Los Angeles or wondering if anyone besides the ever-faithful Chloe isn't secretly working for the other side while cashing paychecks from CTU, Bauer is a world away, dealing with new characters and an entirely different set of problems. The new enemy is a rebel army in Africa, and the people who need his protection are innocent schoolchildren trying to stay safe amidst the chaos.



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