Ashton Kutcher struggles with online ventures

In his Los Angeles production office, Ashton Kutcher, the star of Punk’d and That ’70s Show, is leaning over a coffee table doing algebra. It’s the day before his production company, Katalyst Media, will launch a game show called Opportunity Knocks, and Kutcher is trying to make a point: Just because he can’t spell his stepdaughter Tallulah’s name doesn’t mean he’s stupid. 

“I didn’t name her!” exclaims Kutcher, who is married to Tallulah’s mom, Demi Moore. “It’s not like I sat down with the wife and went through 'Should we have two l’s or one l?' She’s my stepdaughter!... I was never a good speller,” he adds. “I’m a math person.”

Kutcher has a challenge. He’s a model turned actor turned camera pitchman turned successor to Bruce Willis in the Moore household. Getting people in the business world to take him seriously is no easy task. Though he has a track record in Hollywood, producing TV shows and films, he’s now venturing outside his comfort zone to Silicon Valley. 


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