Apple iPad Will Deliver New Ways To Watch Movies

The iPod forever changed the way we listen to music: how we just dance to Lady Gaga, our state of mind about Jay-Z, the manner in which Taylor Swift belongs to us. On Wednesday (January 27), Apple introduced another sleek portable device it's hoping will further transform how the world consumes its multimedia: the iPad.

As unveiled by Apple top dog Steve Jobs at the company's press conference in San Francisco, the iPad is a tablet computer that's essentially an oversize, souped-up version of the iPod Touch or iPhone. It also comes with a whole host of news features that offer consumers fresh ways to consume video, from HD movies to full-screen YouTube clips to web footage onĀ The New York TimesWeb site. The intention is that it'll now be just as easy to go where no man has gone before with "Star Trek" as it has been to rock out with Gaga's "Poker Face."



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