Antichrist Director Lars von Trier Reviews His Reviews

The notoriously travel-shy Lars Von Trier beamed himself into our basement via Skype last week to talk about Antichrist (out this week), which should give you an idea of how important this film — the inspiration for countless scandalized reviews ever since its Cannes premiere earlier this year — is for the reclusive, multiple-award-winning Danish provocateur. Von Trier’s films have always courted controversy and provoked accusations of misogyny, despite featuring some remarkable female performances.

Still, nothing could have prepared the film world for the explosion of outrage provoked by Antichrist, whose portrait of a grieving husband and wife’s graphic psychosexual meltdown in the woods seems aimed directly between the eyes of the filmmaker's critics. We spoke with the upbeat Dane about the inspirations for Antichrist and his own depression, and even got him to respond directly to some of his reviews.



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