Angelina Jolie talks about her new movie, ‘Beowulf’

For Angelina Jolie, Beowulf came along at the right time. With the intense attention she receives from the media and the public, a chance to briefly escape and fully immerse herself into a fun fantasy world was a welcome change.

"I'm grateful for the experience," the actress, 32, says during a press day in Los Angeles to promote the film. "With films these days, so much of it is a business, and people want to rush through these projects, and you've lost touch with the artistic process and the fun of it.

"The nice thing is Bob [Robert Zemeckis, director] is so enthusiastic and so real, and you have fun, and I needed that. This was one of those fun characters – she's evil, she's temptation – so I had a great time playing her."

Due to the motion-capture technology, during which digital sensors are placed on the actors' faces and bodies and their movements are mapped and captured, the film reveals quite a bit of Ms. Jolie's much-admired physique.

(Source: Dallas Morning News)

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