An open letter to AMC: Bring back ‘Breaking Bad’


Dear AMC executives,

On behalf of creator Vince Gilligan, who keeps knocking on wood, and Bryan Cranston, who needs an outlet for his nakedness, and those of us who just can’t do Oprah on Sunday nights, we beg of you: Bring "Bad" back.

Sunday was indeed a sad day for some of us in TV land, as we said goodbye to "The Wire" and waved see-you-later, hopefully, to "Bad," which ended its seven-episode run in fine fashion. Sure, this wasn't your usual season finale, what with the writers strike robbing us of two more intended episodes and a true cliffhanger of an ending, but it sure left us wanting more -– much, much more.

And Cranston is among us. "It's been fantastic," he said of his initial run as Walter White, our cancer-stricken chemist-turned-meth cook. "The only thing actors have control over is being able to say yes or no to a project. If you’re an actor that can identify well-written material, then you’re in good shape."

(Source: LA Times Blog)

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