Amanda Seyfried on making a romantic-comedy: They pay a lot

Even fully furnished, a hotel room is a drab backdrop for an interview. If the only objects in the room are two chairs facing each other in the middle of the carpet—as was the case when I met Amanda Seyfried—it’s no longer an interview but an interrogation. But all those right angles and dim, barren surfaces only emphasized the way light reflected off Seyfried's cartoonishly feline eyes and rolled along her curves all the way down to her knee, upon which my tape recorder rested.

That’s just the glowing allure Atom Egoyan exploits in Chloe, which comes out on Friday. In his borderline campy but no less enjoyable remake of the erotic French thriller Nathalie, the Canadian director cast Seyfried as a high-class prostitute hired by a woman (Julianne Moore) to test the fidelity of her husband, played by Liam Neeson. Though the film will be seen in its theatrical run only in select cities, individual clips—and here I’m thinking specifically of ones where Seyfried and Moore get it on—are bound to proliferate across the Internet to, well, less discerning audiences. Too bad, because it’s the 24-year-old's most compelling and multi-faceted performance yet.



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