Adrien Brody: action star in ‘Predators’

Adrien Brody isn't kidding himself — he knows that when people hear his name, "action hero" isn't the first description that comes to mind.

"The comment is constantly like 'skinny actor.' I'm thin. I'm not skinny at all," said Brody, 37, seeming slightly irritated as he reclined poolside at a Los Angeles hotel last month. "It's that they harp on a physical thing, because I don't think there's a question about my ability as an actor."

He certainly has the hardware to back up that claim. It was nearly a decade ago that he bounded onstage at the Kodak Theatre, kissing actress Halle Berry before accepting a gold statue for his portrayal of a Jewish-Polish musician in Roman Polanski's holocaust drama "The Pianist," making him the youngest lead actor winner in Oscar history.


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