Actors who have played strippers

Actors playing strippers

Yesterday we found out that Channing Tatum is going to play a male stripper in Steven Soderbergh’s movie Magic Mike.  The idea for the film was actually Channing’s -- after all, the actor has real-life experience in the field (he worked as a stripper and model before making it big in movies like Step Up andDear John).  But would Tatum be the first major male Hollywood star to play a stripper onscreen?

There’s been quite a trend when it comes to famous actresses playing female strippers: Natalie Portman in Closer; Jessica Biel in Powder Blue; Salma Hayek in From Dusk ‘Til Dawn; and Elizabeth Berkley in Showgirls, to name a few.  But it’s much harder to name famous actors playing male strippers (which might be why Soderbergh thought Channing Tatum’s idea was such a good one).

Of course there’s the ragtag group of English actors that team up to create a Chippendales-like group (without the muscle) inThe Full Monty: Robert Carlyle, Steve Huison, Tom Wilkinson, Paul Barber, Hugo Speer, and Mark Addy


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