Actors’ strike threat stalls indie producers


Film producer Paul Schiff is a victim of the actors strike.

The fact that the actors strike hasn't happened yet, and many in Hollywood doubt it will, is beside the point. Schiff and producers like him are at the mercy of insurance companies, which are refusing to cover independent movies that can't be filmed before mid-June.

Schiff, who has made such offbeat films as "Rushmore," says he was forced to shelve three projects because he couldn't finish them by June 15, two weeks before the actors' contract with studios expires.

That's the deadline insurance companies have imposed upon dozens of movies that require a so-called completion bond. The bond guarantees that backers of independent films, which often involve a patchwork of financing with no assurance of distribution, will be paid in the event the movie is not completed on time or on budget.

(Source: LA Times)

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