Actor Paul Sorvino building mini-studio in small town Pennsylvania?

ON a dreary weekday afternoon this winter, the burly, gregarious actor Paul Sorvino sat in a darkened hotel meeting room here, working on the next act in his long-running career in show business.

Sprawled in a plush upholstered armchair, glasses perched on his bulbous, slightly off-center nose, Mr. Sorvino, 68, watched himself act on a flat-screen monitor. By his own count it is his 113th film role, and at first glance it would seem a typical Paul Sorvino part: New York police lieutenant. But this big, lumbering cop is ready to leave a failing marriage, seduce a talented young male neighbor, compose an operetta called “Homo Sapien” and paint his toenails bright red.

The film, “The Trouble With Cali,” the story of a beautiful and talented young woman trying to survive her dysfunctional family, is Mr. Sorvino’s debut as a feature film director. It also represents an initial small step in his grand — and, at first glance, quixotic — dream to turn Scranton, a former coal mining town 125 miles west of Manhattan, into a filmmaking center.

If all goes as planned, Scranton would not only be home base to Mr. Sorvino’s own Miranda Films but also offer other filmmakers a full-service production house with soundstages, editing and looping rooms and a recording studio. All with costs a fraction of those in Los Angeles or New York .

(Source: New York Times)

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