Actor Ethan Hawke talks genre movies

There are great sci-fi films like Avatar and District 9, which go on to earn the accolades of Oscar voters and audiences around the globe. And then there are brilliant movies like Primer or Dark City, which are all but forgotten in the multiplex, reduced to cult hit status on video and DVD, leaving fans wondering where things went wrong.

We've surveyed a great many of these underrated sci-fi movie masterpieces. And now we're talking to some of the filmmakers behind these unsung gems. A couple weeks ago we interviewed Alex Proyas, the mastermind behind Dark City (and the director of the forthcoming Dracula: Year Zero). Joining Dark City on our list was 1997's Gattaca, the sci-fi thriller about a world of genetic purity, and the struggles of one naturally-born human (Ethan Hawke) in pursuing his dreams amid a repressive, stratified society. See our full review here.

We spoke to Ethan Hawke about what it was like to star in an underrated masterpiece:

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