Actor Danny Trejo – ‘Machete’ star in the limelight of his career

Actor Danny Trejo - star of the new movie 'Machete' - has played many a bad guy and you've seen him in many, many movies but never really know his name. Trejo obviously got many acting gigs because of his charming face - a face any casting director would kill to cast.

For a man who's so stone-faced on the screen, Danny Trejo sure has a lot to say.

Standing up at a banquette inside the classic Hollywood restaurant Musso & Frank on a recent afternoon, Trejo tells an elderly man hovering uncertainly in the doorway to "come on in," imitates director Robert Rodriguez's text-happy fingers, gestures to the waiter for a refill of his cranberry and 7-Up ("Manny, another one!") and turns to a reporter to decry the flaws in the California prison system before offering some culinary advice ("You've never had the eggs Benedict here? You gotta have them!"). Then, he follows said reporter into the restroom, where the business at hand does little to stop Trejo's riff about the time his then-9-year-old-son greeted Robert De Niro with a "Taxi Driver" imitation. ("I said 'Mi hijo, how do you know that movie?' ")

Welcome to the world of Hollywood's toughest bad guy — or possibly its biggest social butterfly?



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