A TV Show Hopes to Cover a Lot of Ground in Postapocalyptic Kansas


Jericho” may be remembered as the postapocalyptic drama canceled by CBS and only temporarily revived by vocal and Internet-savvy fans. But if its executive producers, Carol Barbee and Jon Turteltaub, have their way, it will be recalled as a television success story that earned a second life.

A short second season of the show — which follows the fate of a small Kansas town named Jericho after a round of nuclear attacks decimate cities across the United States — will start Tuesday night. Sitting in his office at the Walt Disney studio two weeks ago Mr. Turteltaub bristled at the suggestion that the seventh episode of the truncated season would also be the series finale.

“It’s a season finale,” he emphasized, before adding, “Ask me again in a month.”

With story lines shaded by the Iraq war and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Ms. Barbee and Mr. Turteltaub have only a handful of episodes to build an audience and earn a third season.

(Source: New York Times)

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