A tribute to Paul Newman—the neglected filmmaker

Much has been written about the late Paul Newman’s blue eyes. But it's strange that his way of looking at people and things through the camera aroused so little interest during his lifetime. Newman directed officially six features from 1968 to 1987 (I suspect he also had a hand in James Goldstone's Winning and Stuart Rosenberg's WUSA), which implies that he stayed inactive behind the camera for the last 21 years of his life. I have no way of knowing—did anyone interview him about this side of his work?—whether Newman felt frustrated, if he ever had any project he could not get financed or simply got disillusioned at the utter lack of attention (not to mention recognition) that met his work as director. I’m under the impression that his efforts were treated rather as a star’s whim, all his films being too modest and quiet—almost like Jacques Tourneur’s—to risk being accused of megalomania or even ambition

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