‘A-Team’ cast is updated from the 80s TV show

Two relative veterans and two newcomers make up the new A-Team movie cast for this era.

Fox's $100-million adaptation of “The A-Team” (June 11) takes glee in rehashing certain touchstones of the cheese-tacular '80s TV action-comedy series.

Where the original Alpha Unit was a quartet of disgraced Vietnam war vets turned soldiers of fortune, the new squadcomprises covert operatives who ran missions during the most recent Iraq war and get hung out to dry for crimes they didn't commit. They're determined to clear their names from the moment they make their inevitable break out of maximum security prison.

According to the filmmaker, Joe Carnahan, it's more in the spirit of Christopher Nolan's “Batman” reboot than, say, Ben Stiller's comedy-arrested “Starsky & Hutch.” “I'm not interested in making the easy, breezy Cover Girl version of ‘The A-Team,'” Carnahan said. But, um, isn't this a summer popcorn film full of sight gags and big explosions? “We streamlined and stripped it down. But we had to keep some staples,” the director clarified.


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