A Sundance View of the Writers’ Strike


Filmmakers and dealmakers were just unpacking their parkas in Park City, Utah, on the opening day of the Sundance Film Festival Thursday, when news of a potential breakthrough toward ending the 11-week-old Hollywood writers strike began to zoom from BlackBerry to BlackBerry.

The Directors Guild of America reached a tentative contract deal with studios addressing the main issue that drove the writers to strike — payment for work used online. Under the agreement, when TV shows and movies are downloaded from the Internet, the directors will receive about twice what they have received for videotape and DVD residuals. Across Los Angeles and Park City on Thursday, writers, directors, actors, producers and studio executives were scrutinizing the pact. "People can argue over whether it's a good deal or a bad deal," said Paul Haggis, the writer of Crash and Million Dollar Baby, poring over the DGA data points in his office in L.A. "If there's any way to make it work, the writers will."

(Source: Time)

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