A new Bollywood gets real, riches


When Amit Shah, a budding young actor born in Chicago, auditioned for a role in the upcoming Hollywood comedy "Fraternity House," the directors picked him to play an Indian exchange student. He was told to wear glasses and sport a thick Indian accent like Apu, the convenience-store owner in "The Simpsons."

The 27-year-old of Indian origin did his best. But he quickly realized that if he was going to be pigeonholed as the token Indian immigrant, he had better visit the country of his parents' birth and attend one of the growing number of acting schools in Mumbai, a sprawling metropolis of 17 million.

But once here, he wanted to stay. Mumbai is experiencing an economic boom that is fueling its fast-evolving film industry, the world's largest, with twice the movie output of Hollywood.

(LA Times)

Filmmaking, International Cinema

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