80’s Movie Soundtracks Rock!

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Music has a strong influence on our mood and can change the way we feel. That is most likely the reason why movie producers play a background song during an important part of their movie. Songs during movies are played to ramp up the movie experience and set the tone of the movie. The 80s not only had great clothes, hair, and music, but the movies were also awesome. A lot of classics that are still popular today were released during the 80s and their soundtracks include some of the best radio hits from that time. Here is a list of movies that have great soundtracks.

Top Gun, directed by Tony Scott, was released in 1986 and was a hit for movie fans. The movie starred actors Tom Cruise, Meg Ryan, Val Kilmer, and Kelly McGillis. It is a naval movie about love, pilot training, crisis, and determination. The soundtrack for it is as amazing as the stars that acted in it and even held the number one spot on the Billboard charts. Two of the most popular songs from the movie are a??Take My Breath Away,a? and a??Danger Zone.a?

Another soundtrack that is worthy of being on this list is from Flashdance. It was released in 1983 and directed by Adrian Lyne. Jennifer Beals and Michael Nouri were the stars of this film. It is a romance about a dancer that was a steel mill worker during the day. Irena Cara wrote the award winning song a??Flashdancea?¦What a Feelinga? for this specifically. The soundtrack also includes another great hit called a??Maniac.a?

Who could forget the movie directed by Martin Brest that was released in 1984 called Beverly Hills Cop. Eddie Murphy was a hit and became a star. This soundtrack was so great it even won a Grammy Award. It includes songs such as a??Axel Fa? performed by Harold Faltermeyer, a??New Attitudea? by the legendary Patti Labelle, and a??The Heat is Ona? by Glenn Frey.

Another 80s Tom Cruise hit was Cocktail, directed by Roger Donaldson. It is about an ambitious bartender who is striving to be a professional in the business world. This soundtrack includes hits from the Beach Boys, Ry Crooder, Little Richard, and Starship among many other great artists. Songs you will hear in this film are a??Tutti Frutti,a? a??Wild Again,a? a??All Shook Up,a? and a??Kokomoa? just to name a few.

Movie soundtracks make a great movie even better with the right song list. Having the right song playing during a sad, happy, intense, or scary part of the movie will enhance the experience the director wants you to feel at that time. A lot of soundtracks even win awards, and especially when songs are composed specifically for a film. I hope this list of 80s songs will bring back some of your own memories and movie favorites from the 80s.

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