7 TV actors who have been heating up a cool summer

Every summer, a crop of handsome and talented actors occupy our television sets and daydreams by delivering unforgettable portrayals that help them stand out from the rest. Sometimes it's just a winsome smile, while others fill the small screen with heartbreaking words and tortured expressions.

This year's handful of captivating and easy-to-love stars are no exception, making their shows some of the hottest offerings on TV even after the sun sets and the thermometer drops.

The list includes Denis Leary and Daniel Sunjata. Not only have the two managed to make this one of the best seasons of FX's "Rescue Me," but they also are being honored in the special "TV's Sexiest Men in Uniform of All Time," which airs at 8 p.m. July 26 on the TV Guide Channel.

We offer seven thespians who have captured our attention this season.


Actors, TV

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