5 Reasons To Love the TV Show ‘Suits’ on USA Network

There are some shows that everyone is talking about before it premieres, a la Game of Thrones. And then there are others that come up in conversation over Twitter, email, or (gasp, face-to-face?!) dinner a week or more after they air, and you joyfully realize you’re not the only one in your circle watching it and loving it. That’s an experience you may be having with USA’s Suits (Thursdays, 10 p.m. ET).

If you’ve yet to get hooked, it’s the new show about Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), a brilliant former screw-up/stoner with a photographic memory who gets hired as an associate by one of New York City’s best (and best-dressed) legal closers, Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht,pictured). So why is this one of the summer’s most addictive new shows?


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