‘300′ DVD – What kind of special features to expect?


With the blistering box-office success of 300 over the last few weeks, this is no doubt the first real blockbuster of the year. And with it comes even larger expectations for a blockbuster windfall in DVD sales. To gear up for its DVD unveiling, Warner Bros should be creating a sumptuous package for the home video market. Though the studio hasn't released any concrete details or plans for the disc, director Zach Snyder has hinted of a special feature that will compare Frank Miller's graphic novel panels to the film's images. 300 is exactly the type of epic stylized film that a studio will want to take advantage of over a few editions. I just hope that the first disc is actually a 2-disc edition. The history of the battle of Thermopylae should easily fill a whole disc and the making of it, from the stunts and weapons to the choreography should be the highlight of another disc. But that's just my two cents.


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