TVS Television Network To Begin Fulltime Sports Video Webcast in December

TVS Television Network, the fourth oldest commercial TV network in the USA, will begin transmitting a fulltime sports video service on their website beginning Monday, December 5, 2005. The webcast will be a combination of classic events from the TVS sports library as well as new productions.

Included in the regular daily programming, which will be available for a $ 9.95 monthly subsciption, is classic and current football, boxing, billiards, bowling, soccer, basketball, winter sports, olympic style sports, roller derby, wrestling, motor racing, and other sports. All of the sports will be available for video downloads as well as viewing on demand.

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Bin Laden’s Capture to Become Subject of Graphic Novel

Capt. Dale Dye is a retired U.S. Marine Corps Captain who has served as military adviser on films such as “Born on the Fourth of July,” “Saving Private Ryan,” and “Platoon.” He has also written military-themed novels and screenplays, and has acted in various roles – he can be seen in this season’s television series, “Falling Skies,” and in the upcoming film, “Larry Crowne.”

This week, Capt. Dale and his wife, Julia, announced they have written a graphic novel on Osama bin Laden’s capture, titled “Code Word: Geronimo” [IDW Publishing, September]. The Dyes worked with illustrators Amin Amat and Gerry Kissell, assembling research on the actual events into a narrative, and then depicting it in visual form.

Speakeasy caught up with the Dyes to discuss their research for the book, Capt. Dye’s own experience with hideouts and raids, and why Capt. Dye stays so active in the arts.


Viral video marketing comes of age

In recent years, Viral video has moved from an experimental practice to an established, measurable marketing tactic that delivers real results. Videos that "go viral" aren't just happy accidents anymore: when you see a video with over a million views, there's typically some smart distribution and optimization strategies involved.

One can actually use the term "social video advertising" to refer to a category, because advertisers can now invest in making their video content go viral, just like they would invest in distributing a TV commercial. This is definitely becoming a much more mainstream practice. A few months ago, the industry crunched some numbers and found that the average viral video campaign budget tripled from a year earlier - which goes to show how seriously brands are taking viral video.

Why is this approach becoming so much more common? Because people will watch videos that feel like "experiences" where they won't watch videos that feel like ads. Your garden-variety video ad is typically just a TV commercial distributed on the web, which we've all learned to ignore. Social video is about content that people enjoy and will want to share.

In the very near future, sharing will become the Holy Grail for advertisers. A shared view is not only "earned media" that advertisers don't have to pay for, but studies also show that when a brand video is shared, viewers will spend up to three times more time watching it.

Shrine Auditorium Selects Syntax’s Award-Winning Olevia LCD TV as Official Display of World-Famous Entertainment Center

Syntax Corporation, one of the fastest growing manufacturers of LCD TVs in North America, today announced that the Shrine Auditorium has installed over 25 of Syntax?s award-winning Olevia LCD TVs as the official flat panel display of the world famous arts and entertainment facility.

The addition of Syntax?s Olevia 32-inch, 37-inch and 42-inch LCD TVs represents a key milestone in the first phase of the overall renovation plans for the Shrine Auditorium. Strategically wall mounted in the main entry lobby, in the three mezzanines, concession areas and the Shrine?s Expo Center, Olevia LCD TVs display entertaining and informational content, scrolling news on upcoming events at the Shrine, plus current event TV feed when available, to all attendees.

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Semester-In-The-Air Invites Students of All Ages to Travel Around the World Making Their Own Movies, the Trip of a Lifetime

Williamstown, MA (PRWEB) August 25, 2004

The Pritchard School of Digital Arts ( ) announced today that it is accepting applications for new students for its 2005 Semester-In-The-Air Digital Filmmaking Program. The 12 week program is offered in the spring, summer and fall of 2005. The program is designed for film students and aspiring filmmakers of all ages to produce their own movie. These movies will be filmed during a 6 week filmmaking trip, an adventure around the world. Only 25 students are accepted each semester on a first come, first serve basis. Students must be at least 18 years old and willing to travel. These candidates are selected on their vision and enthusiasm for becoming a filmmaker. Students can apply online and learn more about the program by going to .

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Freelance writer and news journalist Brian Konradt announced the launch of (, a news-based webblog to promote, improve and report on screenwriting and filmmaking in the U.S. and abroad.

Updated daily, reports on: screenwriting news, developments in independent filmmaking, and entertainment gossip; new book releases and educational resources that help improve screenwriting and filmmaking skills; scripts sales and distribution deals; and screenwriting scholarships and film development grants.

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Boston Movie Tours Arrives on Location – A Brand New Attraction in Boston

Boston Movie Tours announced today that they are bringing a slice of Hollywood to Boston. Beginning this summer, television and movie enthusiasts can experience what has been captivating film-makers for decades.

Did you know that Boston is the home of more than 400 movies and TV shows? Or that "The Firm" and "Good Will Hunting" are Boston's top U.S. box office smashes together generating almost $ 300 million dollars? With its unique charm and history, Boston has long been a favorite for Hollywood producers.

This July, Boston Movie Tours will unveil the Boston Movie Mile(SM) walking tour; an enthralling tour that takes guests on a journey through the most filmed parts of Boston. Featured along the Boston Movie Mile are more than 30 popular movie and TV show locations in the picturesque Beacon Hill and State House area. Finally, movie buffs can see Boston through Hollywood's eyes:

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Film Specific – A New Online Membership Community Launches for Filmmakers Focused on Film Distribution

Sherman Oaks, CA (PRWEB) April 4, 2007

Film Specific (, a new online membership community for filmmakers focused on film distribution has been launched. Stacey Parks, author of "The Inside Guide to Independent Film Distribution" (Focal Press), and a veteran Foreign Sales Agent and Independent Sales Rep, founded the website as a place for serious filmmakers to learn the ins-and-outs of film distribution.

"As a distribution consultant, so many independent filmmakers have come to me with finished films, frustrated and scratching their heads trying to figure out how to sell their films in the marketplace. The site helps to educate filmmakers so navigating those often harsh waters becomes easier."

The interactive community moderated by Parks and other distribution experts aims to guide filmmakers and help them learn from each other. "The whole distribution model for films is changing so dramatically. In some ways it's very scary for filmmakers, but in others it's incredibly exciting since there are more opportunities than ever to get their films seen by worldwide audiences via so many various distribution outlets. Film Specific is focused on creating a community where filmmakers can learn ways to move their distribution efforts forward, reach distributors, and reach audiences as well."

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Andrew Laszlo, ASC, “It’s A Wrap!” Book Signing at Student Filmmakers booth at DVEXPO

In his new book,"It's A Wrap!", Laszlo takes readers behind the scenes on a variety of projects he himself was involved in, to illustrate how unforeseen events can impact even the most carefully planned production. From a secret trip to Havana with Ed Sullivan during the Cuban Revolution, to near disasters involving The Beatles, Ossie Davis and Richard Chamberlain, It's A Wrap! gives an insider's view of the filmmaking process and sheds light on the inherent dangers of the industry.

Andrew Laszlo's career in film and television spans nearly fifty years. He has traveled extensively throughout the world and accumulated close to forty major feature films, and an equally large number of major television, credits. As an author, he has written numerous articles in most of the leading industry publications, as well as the books, It's A Wrap, Footnote To History, Every Frame A Rembrandt, and the novel, The Seven Graces Of God.

New Andrew Laszlo, ASC, Q&A Forum was launched in July 1st at's primary goal is to encourage and support student filmmakers -particularly those who aren't in film school. One feature drawing users is the Showcase section - where anyone, anytime, may submit their film or script free of charge. In the Forum section, filmmakers have been writing in from across the planet, to discuss techniques, ideas, the latest products: anything and everything film. ASC members Roy H. Wagner and Andrew Laszlo are the forums Moderators. The student filmmakers have the rare opportunity to pick the brain of top of filmmaking's great talents. Each month has been raffling away a free filmmaking product and book. This month, FrameForge 3D Studio will be given away, a storyboard software, valued at $ 350.


Conference: July 12-16

Xtreme Video & Photo Summit: July 14-16

Expo: July 14-16

Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York, NY

10 fantasy novels that would make great TV shows

With HBO’s Game Of Thrones wrapping up a stellar first season and American Gods (far) on the horizon, television is on the cusp of a fantasy revolution. And it isn’t the squeaky-clean fantasy ofHarry Potter or Lord of the Rings (for that, see the upcoming and very promising Once Upon A Time) – cable TV is ready and willing to tell adult fantasy stories for adult viewers.

With that in mind, the Screen Rant crew put together a list of the fantasy novels we’d most like to see adapted into serialized TV dramas with modest-to-big budgets. All of them would make sprawling, epic TV shows… in the right hands, of course.

Check out our list and see if you agree with our picks – and add a few suggestions of your own to our comment section.


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