The Twenty-Five Best TV Roles For Women

Picking the 25 best television roles for women wasn't easy. Television has been around for long enough that women have played thousands of characters ranging from presidents to gods, mothers to strippers, aliens to stripper aliens and pretty much everything in between. In devising this list, we wanted to choose women we admired, or who were pioneers (not literally, sorry Ma Ingalls), or had stories that stuck with you for years. The female characters who ended up on the list come from the Upper East Side, California, Baltimore, distant futures, and other worlds.

These women are strong, sassy, determined, ambitious. They were trailblazers for women both on television and off. They tackled hot-button issues head on and changed the course of national political conversations by virtue of plot lines on their shows. These women range from savvy to devilish to forthright and true. They were career women, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, leaders, cheerleaders, and some of them were just having more fun than anyone else in the room. They are the women we would like to be, or the women we would just like to get a drink with sometime, and, in some cases, the women we wouldn't want to be caught with alone in a room. In short, these are the 25 best characters played by women on television.


Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon Survey the Summer Movie Scene With Movieline

UK actors, comics and longtime pals Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan (pictured L-R) last week paid a visit to the Tribeca Film Festival, which hosted the American premiere of their new road movie The Trip. But that didn’t mean they weren’t game for a lightning round of summer-movie first impressions.

Charting the duo’s five-day tour of inns, restaurants and nature around the north of England, The Trip reunites Coogan and Brydon with director Michael Winterbottom (A Cock and Bull Story) for a roundly amusing, wildly improvisatory, and often surprisingly poignant glimpse at two friends, two careers and two fathers for whom sharing the same car hardly means sharing the same path.

The Trip itself is a summer film, opening June 10 in limited release and arriving June 22 on VOD. We’ll have more about their movie closer to that time, but meanwhile, Coogan and Brydon spent a few minutes digesting some of the season’s bigger, blockbustery titles with Movieline.


Movies beckon Taylor Kitsch after ‘Friday Night Lights’

For fans of TV's "Friday Night Lights," the sight of a groggy Taylor Kitsch is a familiar one. On the acclaimed small-town Texas drama, Kitsch plays the hard-drinking Tim Riggins, who perpetually rolls out of bed bleary-eyed.

The reason Kitsch was a little sluggish at a recent morning interview at a Manhattan hotel, though, is because he had been working late the day before on the movie "John Carter of Mars" and then flew overnight to New York for the Tribeca Film Festival screening of his latest film, "The Bang Bang Club."

In it, Kitsch plays South African war photographer Kevin Carter, whose work in early 1990s Sudan earned him a Pulitzer Prize. Carter killed himself in 1994.


Mel Gibson breaks his silence about scandal

After months of silence following the leak of threatening phone calls between himself and the mother of his child, Oksana Grigorieva, Mel Gibson finally broke his silence. In a wide-ranging interview with Deadline’s Allison Hope Weiner, Gibson talked — sometimes openly, sometimes evasively — about his personal shame, the friends who’ve stood by him, and where his damaged career goes from here. He also vehemently denied the notion that he’s a racist and misogynist.

“I’ve never treated anyone badly or in a discriminatory way based on their gender, race, religion, or sexuality — period,” he said.” I don’t blame some people for thinking that though, from the garbage they heard on those leaked tapes, which have been edited.  You have to put it all in the proper context of being in an irrationally, heated discussion at the height of a breakdown, trying to get out of a really unhealthy relationship. It’s one terribly, awful moment in time, said to one person, in the span of one day and doesn’t represent what I truly believe or how I’ve treated people my entire life.”


Actor Jeremy Renner offered the lead in Bourne Legacy movie

Jeremy Renner Bourne Legacy movie

Mission: Impossible star Jeremy Renner has been offered the lead in the new Bourne Legacy movie.

The role the actor has been offered is not that of Matt Damon's character Jason Bourne but it's claimed he would play a completely different character.

According to Variety, he will play another super assassin who went through the same program that Bourne went through.

Tony Gilroy is set to write and direct the movie along with Frank Marshall, Ben Smith and Jeffrey Weiner producing.

The movie is being overseen by Peter Cramer.

It's claimed the new character means Damon could return in a future movie.

How we love weddings in the movies

Lights, camera, brides and grooms. Over the past 50 years, wedding-centric movies and TV shows have become a staple of American culture -- and often have reflected how people feel at the time about the whole happily-ever-after concept.

Back in the 1950s, the signature wedding film was "Father of the Bride" starring Spencer Tracy in the title role and Elizabeth Taylor as his pampered daughter. The gentle tone of the comedy was in tune with an era when marriage was an extravagant, treasured event worth any minor inconvenience to a put-upon dad.

But through the 1960s and 1970s, wedding vows were often something to avoid, as Katharine Ross did with Dustin Hoffman in "The Graduate," or discard, as Charles Grodin wanted to during his honeymoon in "The Heartbreak Kid.


The ‘Water For Elephants’ Movie Cheat Sheet

Water for Elephants movie

The question for Robert Pattinson wasn't if he would make the leap from "Twilight" vamp to major-studio player but when. The answer came in January 2010, when news broke that the British actor was eyeing a role in Fox's "Water for Elephants." Ever since, MTV News has been following anything and everything connected to the film, an adaptation of Sara Gruen's best-selling novel. Now the movie is set to hit theaters and we're gathering all our coverage into one place for a "Water for Elephants" cheat sheet.


How a new ‘Star Trek’ TV series got abandoned

Hollywood is filled with fascinating “What if…” tales regarding films & television shows that (for better or worse) never came to fruition. Sometimes it’s the simple notion of a different lead actor or director being attached to the production before dropping out. Other times, these stories involve a surprisingly unique approach to a beloved property – one that would have steered the franchise in question down a completely different road.

Last year, we learned a little bit about the Superman Returns sequel Bryan Singer was developing before Warner Bros. decided to reboot the series with Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. As it turns out, Singer was also involved with another high profile project that ultimately never came together – a new Star Trek TV series set several centuries after The Next Generation.

Earlier this month, Jonathan Frakes (Commander Riker) revealed to UGO that he had pitched a Star Trek show to Paramount that would have centered around Riker’s exploits on board the USS Titan. The studio told him that they were putting the franchise on the back burner for a little while – and that they had also recently rejected pitches from William Shatner and Singer.

A Great Way to Experience The Brilliance Of Television On Your Computer

One day, while I was standing in line in the cafe, I got to considering that it might be nice if there was an approach to enjoy genuine Television using a notebook computer. Searching online for shows together with joining online websites providing you simply a few "live streaming" channels will get old, then I performed a little shopping around. Recently there is a program that enables instantaneous access to lots of t . v . programming, the best of this tends to be that it doesn't need any monthly bills.

Whenever you're anything like me, you almost certainly discover youself to be dreading that periodic cable connection bill? Well, you will find there's system which could stop your cable tv fees altogether also it gives you even more channel opportunities when compared with you presently already have these days. Satellite Direct is actually a system of which purely charges a one-time expense of about fifty bucks and enables you to view lots of styles, including: entertainment, popular music, local, sports, media, and many other things.

Among the best reasons for having Satellite Direct is that it really is uncomplicated obtain it. It virtually solely takes some steps. The initial step is enrolling to the system, the 2nd phase is downloading the program, along with the third step will be selecting exactly what station you'll wish to enjoy to start with.

An additional great area of the software tends to be that, after you have registered for the computer software, you can view it with any laptop or computer which has a world wide web bandwidth service. It is not going to need any satellite dishes or special apparatus. Furthermore, in contrast to common satellite cable, you're not gonna have your tv show or movie interrupted if the climate is over cast or wet.

All you need to operate this is a laptop or desktop including a respectable link with the internet, and you are therefore fine to commence enjoying the 3500+ programs. You can also pay for an Hdmi cable, generally will cost you approximately $10, and connect your personal computer to your current Tv. That will give you the best whole browsing time and will also also permit you to cancel your membership with your cable supplier. No extra $100 or $150 cable payment monthly or surprise charges.

Just as described just before, Satellite Direct also helps to broaden your channel options. Immediately following joining, you have a chance to access programs from about a hundred distinctive countries of basically any genre you need. You are likewise have the ability to be able to get repeated up-grades that happen to be free, that may bring far more channels for you to look at. You are not going to obtain any specific boundary as to how much you possibly can see every month, either. You only pay for the one-time flat rate and it's yours to look at quickly.

Could Satellite Direct be the best choice to watch television on your computer? Make sure you read a few satellite direct reviews before you decide.

Why has Bu Ray failed to catch on?

My VCR is stashed in a closet, right next to a couple of CD-ROM players, a laser disc player, and other forgotten electronics. Is my Blu-ray player about to join them?

Strategy Analytics researcher Peter King recently said his analysts were surprised that DVD player sales continued to be so strong against Blu-ray players. That reminded me of what some critics have suspected: Blu-ray really hasn't caught on -- and probably never will.

"I'm surprised DVDs have continued to hang on," said King, referring to the fact that player sales of over 20 million units in the U.S. last year were pretty much evenly split between DVD and Blu-ray models. His figures show that Blu-ray player sales will surpass DVD sales by the end of this year ... but only slightly.

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