2009: The Year of Blu-ray Movies

The current global economic crisis has hurt the bottom lines of many studios, forcing them to rethink ways to increase profits during times when fewer people are venturing out to the theaters. DVD used to be the go-to solution, but over the past few years profits from DVD sales have plateaued and even begun to drop as the market has become saturated. In fact, one of the few bright points on studios' balance sheets has been Blu-ray, an area where profits are good, and sales continue to increase, but apparently not fast enough. 

Since late last year, studios have been reevaluating their Blu-ray strategy in order to speed up consumer adoption of the format. Sure, Blu-ray sales have continued to rise since the beginning of the year, but studios want the high definition format to replace DVD, not commingle with it. DVDs no longer provide studios with the buckets of money they used to, and rampant piracy in Asia and South America are robbing them of bottom line cushion. 



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