The 24 Smartest TV/Movie Characters

Our roster of characters -- including Doogie Howser, Lex Luthor, Lisa Simpson, and House -- who'd feel right at home on ''Eureka,'' about a town full of geniuses . Check out the list.


The art of being Juliette Binoche

Her eyes are gazing off into the distance, anguished and fretful despite the resignation that clings to her mouth and the unyielding angularity of those oddly expressive cheekbones. The ears are unflatteringly jug-like but the forehead radiates calm and the chin - the chin is tilted just so, suggesting steely defiance. Juliette Binoche's 25-year-long career has cast her variously as gamine seductress and dispossessed single mum.

(The Guardian UK)

Piracy fears kept “The Dark Knight” hidden away

For Warner Bros., the mission was to keep "The Dark Knight" from seeing the light of day.

In an era of instantaneous digital copying and widely available high-speed Internet access, the premature and unauthorized release of a movie to the public can spell disaster. If the movie's a stinker, the word will travel at the speed of a mouse click, ruining chances of making back money. And if the movie's popular, it can rob ticket sales and cut into revenues.

(LA Times)

BEHIND THE SCENES TV: Behind The Scenes of the upcoming 007 movie ‘Quantum of Solace’

AMC’s ‘Mad Men’ is the best summer TV

"Mad Men" is back, and did I ever need it.

Even if you haven't watched the AMC drama about Madison Avenue ad men in the 1960s, you've probably heard about its 16 Emmy nominations. I'm here to tell you: It's worth all the hype.

"Mad Men" feels like a show for adults. No, it's not full of violence or nudity -- although the men sleep around so much a friend joked it should be renamed "Bad Men." It's a show full of sharp dialogue and situations that feel real, with no explosions or serial killers.


Chris Cooper balances life and acting

Actor Chris Cooper reveals the secret of a long-lasting marriage to Shereen Low

You may not have heard the name Chris Cooper -- but you are bound to recognise this prolific actor's face. The 57-year-old American has appeared in major movies such as The Bourne Identity, American Beauty and Jarhead.

His may have been a career on the sidelines, but it's a successful one that allows him to sign up to independent, small budget movies.

(Irish Herald)

The 10 Most Slanderous Cinematic Slights

Usually when an actor or filmmaker reveals who inspired them in their creation of a character, it's the type of politically correct answer sure to offend no one. Johnny Depp had no problem explaining how he channeled Keith Richards for his role as Jack Sparrow in "Pirates of the Caribbean"; Dustin Hoffman sent up his pal, producer Robert Evans, in "Wag the Dog."

But in a business where backbiting is common and screenwriters are urged to "write what you know," it's been a longstanding tradition to say the cruelest things about others under the guise of art. In a summer that will have Tom Cruise applying his considerable cackle to a Sumner Redstone surrogate in "Tropic Thunder" and a manscaping-derelict Bruce Willis doing his meanest Alec Baldwin impression in the adaptation of producer Art Linson's Hollywood tell-all, "What Just Happened?", we thought it was high time to look at a few ways filmmakers have exacted revenge, both personal and professional, through their movies in recent times.


Sting’s wife bringing graphic novel to screen

Rocker Sting's wife Trudie Styler has acquired film rights to the upcoming graphic novel "American Reaper."

The story is set in a future where identity theft leads to victims having their minds erased and replaced by those of the elderly rich seeking a second youth or by criminals and terrorists with more sinister motives. A team of special agents, known as Reapers, are formed to track down and terminate those responsible.


BEHIND THE SCENES TV: Behind The Scenes of ‘The Dark Knight’

CBS revisits “Streets of San Francisco”

Steve Keller and Mike Stone are back on "The Streets of San Francisco." CBS is developing an update of the classic 1970s cop series starring Michael Douglas and Karl Malden.

The remake will keep key elements from the original Quinn Martin production: the title, the names of the two main characters and, of course, the backdrop of the City by the Bay. But the main focus is to bring the spirit of the original "Streets" into the new reincarnation.


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