10 Life Lessons Learned From Nicholas Sparks Movies

'The Last Song' opens this week, ready to wreak emotional devastation on viewers with a dramatic story, gilded summer romance and a heartbreaking plot twist that won't leave a dry eye in the theater.

Miley Cyrus stars as Ronnie Miller, a rage-filled teen sent from New York to spend the summer with her estranged father on the North Carolina coast. Within minutes of landing, she meets a dashing local named Will (Liam Hemsworth), who uses his dimples and wit to crack her tough exterior and win her over. For Cyrus, 'The Last Song' marks a departure from her role as Disney's 'Hannah Montana,' the juggernaut that has helped her build a massive tween fan base.

For the rest of us, the film is the latest intended tearjerker from popular tear-jerking author Nicholas Spark. Though here the project began with a screenplay (one Sparks wrote specifically with Cyrus in mind) that will be adapted to a novel, it's usually vice versa, with books-turned-movies like 'A Walk to Remember,' 'The Notebook' and, most recently, 'Dear John.'

While each film has its own unique set of characters and conflicts, the similarities are impossible to ignore. Here's what we've learned from Sparks' films, sacrificing tear ducts, tissues and dignity in the name of learning about love. (Warning: Spoilers below.)


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