“American Gangster’ resurrected many times

The upcoming movie, "American Gangster," is a gripping real-life story about a Harlem drug kingpin who in the '70s smuggled heroin out of Southeast Asia in the caskets of U.S. soldiers killed in Vietnam. The plot is dense, with lots of twists and turns. 

So is the saga of the movie's three lives. 

Fraught with emotional trauma, crushed egos, humiliation and passion, the movie's tortured journey to the big screen was unusual even by Hollywood standards. The project was killed off twice by Universal Pictures when the budget soared out of control, then resurrected three years later, at a much higher cost. 

Seven years in the making, "American Gangster" premieres Nov. 2., with such headliners as producer Brian Grazer, director Ridley Scott, and stars Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. It weighs in at $100 million, with worldwide marketing likely to add $80 million to the cost, not to mention the $30 million Universal spent to shut down the original production. 

(Source: LA Times)

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