‘Southland Tales’ Is All Richard Kelly’s Fault, Say Film’s Press Notes

Yesterday, one of your Vulture editors stepped away from his computer for the first time in months to take in a screening of Southland Tales, Richard Kelly's new film starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Seann William Scott, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, plus Mandy Moore, Justin Timberlake, and like fourteen former cast members from Saturday Night Live. When we arrived at the screening room, located on the third floor of the storied Times Square Planet Hollywood, a helpful publicist handed us a stapled packet of press notes.

Though our copy seems to be missing the page that explains what, exactly, the movie is about, it did make for an amusing subway ride back to Vulture HQ, as we counted the number of times the notes tried to remind us that, whatever we thought of the movie, it was important to remember that the whole thing was Richard Kelly's idea, and the blame for Southland Tales falls squarely on him (and no one else).

(Source: New York Magazine)

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