‘Hoop Dreams’ tops list of 25 best documentaries of all time


Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the International Documentary Association (IDA) has announced a list of the 25 best documentaries, as selected by its membership (and presented by Netflix). The IDA's 3,000 members, including filmmakers, executives and educators, named Steve James, Peter Gilbert and Frederick Marx's "Hoop Dreams" as the best documentary, selecting the movie from a list of some 700 films. In the #2 spot is Errol Morris' "The Thin Blue Line" According to the IDA, its members ranked and submitted choices, with the option of also including write-in suggestions. The full list, included below, will be published in the Nov./Dec. issue of Documentary, the IDA magazine, which will be published next week and will include essays on the selected films.

"The selected documentaries span over 55 years and have both reflected and, arguably, influenced social history, exploring such areas as wars from WWII to Iraq, corporate downsizing and global warming," in the w ords of an IDA statement. "Inner-city basketball players, a reclusive mother and daughter, rediscovered Cuban musicians, grade-school spelling champions and a legendary underground artist are among the people whose intimate portraits have made it to the list."

(Source: Yahoo)

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